"A.I. is no match for natural stupidity."

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"When super-villains want to scare each other, they tell Joker stories."

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POWER GIRL by various

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Kukri Kothimora Dagger

  • Dated :19th century
  • Culture: Nepalese
  • Medium: steel, black buffalo horn, wood, velvet, silver, gems.
  • Measurements: overall length: 45 cm. Blade length: 35 cm

The weapon features a recurved blade with the edge on the concave side and indentation in the shape of a half-moon in the base, near the hilt. The hilt is made of black buffalo horn.

The wooden scabbard is covered in velvet with mounts in pierced and repoussé silver with a central decoration showing the goddess Durga riding a lion. In the upper area it hides two small daggers. The whole ensemble is enriched with cut gems in cabochon cut.

It has a hanging ring and a strap in silver mail.

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